Easy Techniques to Reduce Work Stress

Easy Techniques to Reduce Work Stress

Work stress has affected everyone at one point in time or another. Unless you are one of the lucky ones who has the perfect job you know work can be extremely stressful. How do you deal with this stress? There are several things you can do that will help you eliminate the stress or at least make it easier to cope with.

Don’t try to do more work than you can handle. Don’t think you have to do it all yourself. If you have a lot of work to do, and you can’t do it all, don’t stress out about it, learn to delegate. Delegate some of the work that other people in the office can do.

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Effective Techniques used to Relieve Stress

Effective Techniques used to Relieve Stress

Experiencing stress in our daily lives is quite common and is healthy. However, it is important to manage the stress that you feel so that it does not cause other medical conditions because of the effect that it has on your body. Relaxing the body is one of the best ways of relieving your mind and body of the stress that is causing you to be worried or feel the discomforts of aches and pains. When you practice stress relaxation techniques on a daily basis they can help you feel better about your life and do a lot to help reduce your feelings of being stressed.

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Impacts of Sunlight on Your Happiness

Praise The Sun : How Light Can Make Your Mood Amazing!

Namaste! Fellow traveler on this journey to true happiness, welcome back to our little corner of the internet. We’re going right to the heart of the matter today with something we praise every day through yoga and as humans who depend on it : the sun! Do you get enough light? Do you yearn for more time in the sun’s rays? Take a moment to read about the real benefits the sun can have. 

There are many recommended activities and products that are recommended to enhance your mood. Some cost you money and others require effort and can be tiring; but did you know that the most effective mood enhancer is free and readily available? Maybe you are wondering what this enhancer is and now that I have told you it is the sun, you are even surprised. Yes, the sun is a very effective mood enhancer and is rich in vitamin D which helps fight seasonal affective disorder. Unfortunately with increase of diseases such as skin cancer, many people fear spending a few minutes in the sun and would rather stay indoors. What they actually don’t understand is that deficiency in vitamin D leads to other problems and especially sadness which messes with your mood. We had some great help with this blog article today from Brian who is also the best Nashville commercial real estate agent you could ever ask for! Thanks Brian!

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All About The Blarney : What Makes It Special?

Welcome, namaste and salutations to all our fellow seekers on the path to happiness. Have we been gone too long? We think yes and we also beg your pardons as all of us here at Wise Ways have been on personal journeys that kept us away from computers. We have lots of new insights to share as well as personal stories, history of interesting topics and in general so many gifts of insight to share. Today we will explore a topic that many people have been interested over the years : the Blarney Stone. Can kissing a rock really help you be more persuasive and charismatic? What does this idea say about us all as human beings? Let’s get deep in to the topic now.

What’s the purpose of kissing the Blarney Stone. Ascertaining it’s verity by name alone is not enough as the stone itself is the subject of folklore, legend and mystical story. Many of these tales are surrounded by actual historic evidence and the science of geology. The other set of data you can find is fantastical stories of monarchs and patriarchs gaining their sovereignty by the magics of the stone itself.
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Little Love : Charlie’s Story

Have you ever heard the term “from the mouth of babes” ? Today we welcome our youngest contributor, Charlie, who is at the ripe old age of nine. Charlie shared with us a touching story of friendship and love that definitely strikes us as the happiest story we’ve read in a long, long time. Sit back and enjoy the simple happiness of a young boy who found a young girl to fall in love with. 

This is a story about two best friends whom secretly loved each other and wanted so much more than just friendship. The beginning was on the first day of school. The little boy pulls at his teacher’s shirt sleeve.

“Hey miss, who is that girl? ”  He pointed towards the girl.

The teacher laughed and said ” I’m not sure actually but why don’t you go say hello? ” The little boy gathered up his courage and slowly walked towards the cute little girl.

“Hello!” said the little boy as he waved. The little girl waved back and said “Hello!” They both smiled at the same time and from that day forward they were the best of friends.

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wise ways to happiness positive self talk

Positive Self Talk & How It Really Works

The path to happiness includes so many amazing people that will aid you towards our destination. We would like to welcome a guest blogger today on Wise Ways To Happiness and in the spirit of support we hope to continue let us give a hearty  and helpful recommendation. If you’re living in Tennessee and need home insurance our friend and yours Harvey right by clicking here.  Enjoy the feelings of warmth both from your own heart and today’s blog. Namaste! 

Imagine yourself now not as a person but as a body only. Your body needs certain things and over time it will “let you know” in a variety of ways from hunger when it wants food and fatigue when it wants rest. Most people are very familiar with the idea of answering these calls with speed and efficiency. The health food industry especially takes our desire to be responsive to our body’s food and fuel needs in a positive and constructive way. The premier mattress industry has spent years and years trying to convince us of the best sort of places and ways to sleep.  The needs of the body get all kinds of attention from sources within and without. When we look in the mirror another impulse may appear : the impulse to judge harshly our physical form based upon ingrained ideas about what it should appear as instead of what the inner self is trying to express.

Now there is thousands upon thousands of books that profess the best ways to improve the idea of that person in the mirror and also the same amount to improve the body that that person is seeing in the mirror. What no one seems to focus enough on is what the mind is saying to that body. But how can we change what our thoughts immediately become when we see ourselves? How can we control or exercise a healthy response of the mind to our own physical form?

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wise ways to happiness leprechaun

The End Of Your Rainbow And Beyond

Greetings and salutations fellow traveler on this journey towards happiness! A special thanks to our guest writer today, Claude. If you’re ever in the Tennessee area and need an honest local company to work on your HVAC you can contact him here. Namaste! 

Are you familiar with the myth of the leprechaun ? The idea of capturing a magical creature for the reward of material wealth is an interesting way to explore and adventure into the idea of your own happiness. Let’s take a look.

The leprechaun is one of the most iconic symbols of St. Patrick’s Day. But where did this jolly fellow come from?

Long a part of mythology and folklore, leprechauns are usually shown as men of advanced age without much height: must leprechauns are portrayed no taller than three feet.

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phoenix wise ways to happiness

Be A Phoenix Daily : How To Rise From The Ashes Always

Greetings and salutations fellow traveler on this journey towards happiness!

Are you familiar with the myth of the Phoenix?

According to rumors, the Phoenix was a mythical bird which made its home in ancient Arabia. Every five hundred years the Phoenix would explode in a furious blaze, seemingly destroying itself and leaving only ashes. The Phoenix had a colorful plumage and tail with colors like scarlet, gold, green, purple and blue.

Plenty of stories on the mythical Phoenix differ but one notion remains the same and is especially pertinent to today’s search for happiness: in all versions the Phoenix had the ability to resurrect. The cyclical process of death and life is captured perfectly in this tale.

High atop the Kaf Mountain the Phoenix made it’s home conveniently adjacent to the Seven Valleys. The Seven Valleys were named after elements of human life and interaction : Absence, Surprise, Oneness, Exception, Skill, Love,  and Wish.

The story goes that the Phoenix survived three separate endings of the world in it’s time. The long life of the Phoenix ensured that it had the most complete knowledge of the world and it’s inhabitants. People believed that its tears and wings with one touch were therapeutic.

Many civilizations have different names for the Phoenix: China calls this mighty flaming bird “Rokh.” Arabic peoples called it by the name “Anka.” The Persians referred to the Phoenix as “Simurg.” Turkish folk commonly called it “Tugrul.”

In addition to the previous “Phoenix Phacts” the mythical bird was said to never, ever touch the ground in it’s entire life. Nor water did it place its flaming feet.

“To rise like a phoenix from the ashes. ”

Does that stir something in you to read that? It should! You too can rise from the ashes of mistakes, missteps and any negativity that has come into your life.

Today’s Meditation Challenge : focus on the phoenix and take time to ponder how humans, despite different cultures and time periods, have always looked to the story of this mythical bird as a source of strength in tough times.

And, as always, safe travels on your path to happiness.