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Impacts of Sunlight on Your Happiness

Praise The Sun : How Light Can Make Your Mood Amazing!

Namaste! Fellow traveler on this journey to true happiness, welcome back to our little corner of the internet. We’re going right to the heart of the matter today with something we praise every day through yoga and as humans who depend on it : the sun! Do you get enough light? Do you yearn for more time in the sun’s rays? Take a moment to read about the real benefits the sun can have. 

There are many recommended activities and products that are recommended to enhance your mood. Some cost you money and others require effort and can be tiring; but did you know that the most effective mood enhancer is free and readily available? Maybe you are wondering what this enhancer is and now that I have told you it is the sun, you are even surprised. Yes, the sun is a very effective mood enhancer and is rich in vitamin D which helps fight seasonal affective disorder. Unfortunately with increase of diseases such as skin cancer, many people fear spending a few minutes in the sun and would rather stay indoors. What they actually don’t understand is that deficiency in vitamin D leads to other problems and especially sadness which messes with your mood. We had some great help with this blog article today from Brian who is also the best Nashville commercial real estate agent you could ever ask for! Thanks Brian!

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