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All About The Blarney : What Makes It Special?

Welcome, namaste and salutations to all our fellow seekers on the path to happiness. Have we been gone too long? We think yes and we also beg your pardons as all of us here at Wise Ways have been on personal journeys that kept us away from computers. We have lots of new insights to share as well as personal stories, history of interesting topics and in general so many gifts of insight to share. Today we will explore a topic that many people have been interested over the years : the Blarney Stone. Can kissing a rock really help you be more persuasive and charismatic? What does this idea say about us all as human beings? Let’s get deep in to the topic now.

What’s the purpose of kissing the Blarney Stone. Ascertaining it’s verity by name alone is not enough as the stone itself is the subject of folklore, legend and mystical story. Many of these tales are surrounded by actual historic evidence and the science of geology. The other set of data you can find is fantastical stories of monarchs and patriarchs gaining their sovereignty by the magics of the stone itself.

The other set of accounts is mostly rubbish, if we may say so, but everything can be an insight if viewed from the proper perspective. The Irish appreciate a good story so either way there’s fun to be had in this research and ling of thought.

Did you know that the Blarney Stone is made of the same material as the stones at Stonehenge? The rock in question is known as bluestone and the Blarney is crafted of a single piece of that particular geological strata. One theory of where the stone came from is that it was the seat of an ancient king on which he was crowned upon before the year 1000 AD. The Scots gifted the stone to the Irish as a thank you for their support in a battle.

Family members who have genealogical connections to the area where the Blarney stone sits today have as many stories about it as anyone else. Magic powers have been attributed to the stone by sources both amateur and even professional. A lot of these stories begin that the Blarney stone had it’s first home in Ireland, was transported somehow to Scotland, then returned to where it stands today.

It’s difficult to imagine that, yes? Ireland is well know for it’s many fantastical tales as we covered in a previous entry about the history of leprechauns. Do you know some of the other interesting stories from Ireland? One says that Jeremiah the prophet brought the Blarney stone to Ireland even though it was Jacob’s pillow. If you follow the Bible a lot of these names that accompany the stone will jump out at you. Some have even claimed the Blarney Stone is the very rock that Moses hit with his staff to give the Israelites something to drink. The amount and variation of these stories is nearly endless.

We will set aside for now all the twists and turns of these tales and agree with the one fact we know today about the Blarney Stone : it’s in Ireland! However it came there it was known first by the moniker “Stone Of Destiny” also known as “Lia Fail” in the Gaelic tongue. Apparently a witch was drowning and the nearby McCarthy family saved her. As she was very grateful for their kind act she gave them all the information on the stone’s magical powers.

So how do we get the idea that kissing the Blarney will imbue the smoocher with special powers of charisma and persuasion? Queen Elizabeth the first was Queen of Ireland as well as all of England. One of the Irish chiefs that resisted giving over his lands and title to those lands was Cormac McCarthy. His letters were so generous and kind it was difficult to see he was obliquely refusing her queenly requests. The tale goes that after one especially flowery letter she threw the papers on the ground and called it all “a lot of blarney!”

Was that illuminating friends? We thought so and hope you do too. Set your bookmarks, please follow us on our Facebook and Instagram page as well as this blog. We will return soon to help you on your path to satisfaction, contentment and of course, happiness. Namaste!

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