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Little Love : Charlie’s Story

Have you ever heard the term “from the mouth of babes” ? Today we welcome our youngest contributor, Charlie, who is at the ripe old age of nine. Charlie shared with us a touching story of friendship and love that definitely strikes us as the happiest story we’ve read in a long, long time. Sit back and enjoy the simple happiness of a young boy who found a young girl to fall in love with. 

This is a story about two best friends whom secretly loved each other and wanted so much more than just friendship. The beginning was on the first day of school. The little boy pulls at his teacher’s shirt sleeve.

“Hey miss, who is that girl? ”  He pointed towards the girl.

The teacher laughed and said ” I’m not sure actually but why don’t you go say hello? ” The little boy gathered up his courage and slowly walked towards the cute little girl.

“Hello!” said the little boy as he waved. The little girl waved back and said “Hello!” They both smiled at the same time and from that day forward they were the best of friends.

Now we go ahead to fifteen years later and they are still best friends. They would tell each other anything and confide their deepest secrets.  Except for the secret that the boy hid inside : the feeling of love that he felt for the girl. Both were too shy to admit their true feelings for fear of losing what they already had. The friendship was everlasting and very important to both of them.  Sitting at the park together for hours, they would talk about anything and everything. The boy would bring his guitar along and talk about his passion for music. The girl would talk about her dream of one day being married. She would say to the boy :

“Hey, I’ll invite you to my wedding and you can sit in the very front row. ”

Every time the boy heard those words he would stop and think to himself:

” …but I don’t want to be the guy sitting in the front row. I want to be the guy waiting for you at the end of the aisle. The guy who will take your hand in marriage. ”

Little did the boy know that at the exact same time he would be thinking these thoughts that the girl would be thinking :

” Please stop me! Please tell me you just want to be that guy waiting for me to walk down the aisle and just say three words that would mean the world to me. ”

Of course the boy doesn’t say those words right then.

One day the boy was taking a stroll around the neighborhood and saw in a corner shop window the girl holding hands with another boy. As they drew closer, he saw them share a sweet kiss. He couldn’t bear seeing any more and quickly ran home, hoping the girl had not seen him. Words could not express the pain he felt inside and he wondered if his whole world was crashing down right then.

Next day, the boy’s phone rang.

“Hey, it’s me. ” the girl said. ” I need a shoulder to cry on – can you meet me at our spot in the park.”

“I’ll be there soon. ” said the boy. When the boy got there the girl was already sitting at the bench. Tears were rolling down her face. She explained that the other boy from yesterday had broken up with her and she was very sad. The boy wiped the tears off her face as she cried.

” Everything I always wanted was right here in front of me ” the girl said.

“Where? What do you mean?” the boy asked.

“You! ” said the girl.

They fell in love and stayed together forever. The End.

There’s something about the simple story of a child that can really express how important happiness is in our lives, isn’t there? We thank young Charlie for sharing his story with us today. We all wish you more love, more feeling and more happiness today and tomorrow. Don’t forget to check back here soon for more ways to find happiness in your own life. Namaste! 

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