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Positive Self Talk & How It Really Works

The path to happiness includes so many amazing people that will aid you towards our destination. We would like to welcome a guest blogger today on Wise Ways To Happiness and in the spirit of support we hope to continue let us give a hearty  and helpful recommendation. If you’re living in Tennessee and need home insurance our friend and yours Harvey right by clicking here.  Enjoy the feelings of warmth both from your own heart and today’s blog. Namaste! 

Imagine yourself now not as a person but as a body only. Your body needs certain things and over time it will “let you know” in a variety of ways from hunger when it wants food and fatigue when it wants rest. Most people are very familiar with the idea of answering these calls with speed and efficiency. The health food industry especially takes our desire to be responsive to our body’s food and fuel needs in a positive and constructive way. The premier mattress industry has spent years and years trying to convince us of the best sort of places and ways to sleep.  The needs of the body get all kinds of attention from sources within and without. When we look in the mirror another impulse may appear : the impulse to judge harshly our physical form based upon ingrained ideas about what it should appear as instead of what the inner self is trying to express.

Now there is thousands upon thousands of books that profess the best ways to improve the idea of that person in the mirror and also the same amount to improve the body that that person is seeing in the mirror. What no one seems to focus enough on is what the mind is saying to that body. But how can we change what our thoughts immediately become when we see ourselves? How can we control or exercise a healthy response of the mind to our own physical form?

Honestly, we don’t. Let me tell you a situation to show how just painfully cruel we can be to our own selves both in body and in mind.

A woman in her 40s is getting ready for a blind date. She buys a new dress and gets ready with makeup and perfumes. When she passes by the mirror she is happy in how she looks in feels. She joins a man her age at a local bar and after some pleasant banter takes a seat next to him. After some more conversation the man abruptly says ” I’m not interested.” He immediately gets up from his bar stool and leaves the establishment.

The woman calls her friend and tells her what happened. The friend immediately starts saying things like ” Well of course he left, you’re old and no one thinks that you’re even slightly attractive” and even ” What do you expect? You’re boring and he didn’t want to listen to your stupid ideas and stories. ”  The friend continues in details about how the woman is unworthy, unlovable and generally not attractive physically.

What a terrible friend right? What a horrible way to be to someone we love and care about, hmm? Well let’s change a portion of this story. The “friend” the woman calls is not her friend at all. The friend is actually the woman herself.

When the man leaves the date saying he is not interested the woman doesn’t call a friend but she “calls” her inner self what does that self have to say? The most horrible and nastiest things you could say to someone. We unfortunately are more like the “friend” in this story to our own selves after a perceived failure. We are addicted to negative self speaking, thinking and saying things to ourselves we would never in a million years be so cruel to utter to friends and family.

Remember thinking of your mind as another part of your body? It’s now the time to tell you why: you have to exercise your mind the same way you would any part of your body. It’s not jumping jacks we need here but POSITIVE SELF TALK. How else can we improve and help our mental health if we constantly poison it with cruelty?

Today when you see your next reflection remember to see that person as you would a loved one or friend. Do you greet them with nastiness and physical insults or do you greet them with kindness and care? We are taught to do unto others what we would have done to us. Now we must teach the us to do unto us what we do unto others.

An amazing and uplifting perspective on mental health and wellness. We hope sincerely this has helped your way towards happiness today. Please, stay positive with positive self talk and stay tuned to know more about our journey here at Wise Ways To Happiness. 

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