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The End Of Your Rainbow And Beyond

Greetings and salutations fellow traveler on this journey towards happiness! A special thanks to our guest writer today, Claude. If you’re ever in the Tennessee area and need an honest local company to work on your HVAC you can contact him here. Namaste! 

Are you familiar with the myth of the leprechaun ? The idea of capturing a magical creature for the reward of material wealth is an interesting way to explore and adventure into the idea of your own happiness. Let’s take a look.

The leprechaun is one of the most iconic symbols of St. Patrick’s Day. But where did this jolly fellow come from?

Long a part of mythology and folklore, leprechauns are usually shown as men of advanced age without much height: must leprechauns are portrayed no taller than three feet.

Did you know that the original coat of the leprechaun was not even green? It’s true! The earliest depictions of the leprechaun shown him to adorn himself with a seven buttoned coat dyed a deep ruby red. A far cry from the traditional green garb we see him strutting about in today!

You need a shoe fixed? Leprechauns were legendary cobblers! You have to be really good at repairing shoes when you’re staying up all night dancing. The little lads would stomp out so many Charlestons and Ne-Ne’s that their footwear would be pulverized. They’d have to spend the whole next day fixing up their shoes so naturally the myth adds that they became very good at shoe repair.

Do you notice the idea of recreation and work intertwined in the leprechaun legend? A sense of balance and equilibrium in all aspects of its life. And important thing to consider as we find the leprechaun is also very wealthy.

These little green men were also well known financiers – they had a whole bunch of gold! Many myths incorporate the idea of soldiers who buried their personal fortunes before they went off for war. Later they hoped to return and cash in all those coins after a nice successful war. But oh no, guess who would go around and dig up these fortunes to claim for themselves? Leprechauns! These little buggers would store the ill-begotten gold in big black soup cauldrons and dastardly magics allowed them to place them only at the end of rainbows.

What if a human saw a leprechaun? Legends say to stay away from these tiny creatures as the interaction may prove negative for the human involved. Leprechauns were sometimes cool with being caught and would offer some amount of wishes (most folks agree on the number being three) but woe be to those who weren’t really careful with those offered wishes. You might ask for all the time in the world to read books but be left without your eyes or even ask for hundreds of delicious sandwiches but left without teeth. Leprechauns were the origin of tricky wishes and they did it right.

You can’t just catch and hold a leprechaun, no way. They liked playing practical jokes on folks like prank calling people at their jobs or even replacing the mustard with disgusting ketchup. Don’t think of the leprechaun as an evil force though as it was all in good fun in most of the tales.

Today you can find the leprechaun pretty much everywhere. A truly enduring simple of magic and wonder in our daily lives. So next time you see a leprechaun shirt or t-shirt or beer mug, think about it’s amazing roots in history.

Our ideas of legend and mythology shape us even today. Think on this week what specific story touches you and focus on the WHY rather than the WHAT. Be at peace and love each other, too. 

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