Impacts of Sunlight on Your Happiness

Praise The Sun : How Light Can Make Your Mood Amazing!

Namaste! Fellow traveler on this journey to true happiness, welcome back to our little corner of the internet. We’re going right to the heart of the matter today with something we praise every day through yoga and as humans who depend on it : the sun! Do you get enough light? Do you yearn for more time in the sun’s rays? Take a moment to read about the real benefits the sun can have. 

There are many recommended activities and products that are recommended to enhance your mood. Some cost you money and others require effort and can be tiring; but did you know that the most effective mood enhancer is free and readily available? Maybe you are wondering what this enhancer is and now that I have told you it is the sun, you are even surprised. Yes, the sun is a very effective mood enhancer and is rich in vitamin D which helps fight seasonal affective disorder. Unfortunately with increase of diseases such as skin cancer, many people fear spending a few minutes in the sun and would rather stay indoors. What they actually don’t understand is that deficiency in vitamin D leads to other problems and especially sadness which messes with your mood. We had some great help with this blog article today from Brian who is also the best Nashville commercial real estate agent you could ever ask for! Thanks Brian!

It is true too much sunlight can cause really serious problems to your skin but at the same time it is important to understand that the right balance has great benefits to your health and mood. There is a hormone called serotonin which is produced by the brains and is responsible for boosting ones mood, maker one feel calm and focused. Exposure to the sunlight acts like a catalyst to the brain to produce this hormone. If you deny yourself sunlight, serotonin levels go low which in turn leads to seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Prolonged sadness can lead to depression which leads further more damage to your body health and social life.

One of the many treatment measures taken by doctors to treat SAD and depression is light therapy. Probably you have been locked indoors for too long and never get time to go out and feel the sun or you have too much going on in your life. You might think by locking yourself or working too hard will lighten whatever issues you are going through. This however only makes thing worse for you and your overall health. Once you get to the doctor, he will take you through phototherapy which involves light. A light box can be given to help stimulate your brain and help it start producing serotonin. Another option can be the advice to be talking a few minutes’ walk in the sun on daily basis.

More to enhancing the mood and treating depression cases, sunlight is also very effective to people suffering from premenstrual dysphoric, non-seasonal depression and depressed pregnant mothers. Exposure to right amount of sunlight is very effective in reducing chances of panic attacks and anxiety. There are of course many other reasons why you should ensure you enjoy the sun at every chance you get. It has several health benefits and as you may already know, an unhealthy body can lead to sadness and happiness can lead to a prolonged life.

Other benefits of sunlight to your health include getting vitamin D which is responsible for strong bones. Lack of vitamin D or low levels of the same leads to weak bones and conditions such as rickets in children. As much as much sunlight is known to cause skin cancer, it is also one way of preventing other types of cancer such as colon cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer and especially to people who live in areas with limited sunlight hours. Exposure to right amounts of sunlight is also known to heal conditions such as thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and systematic lupus erythematosus. Having these problems is not a funny thing and they can really mess with your mood making you disturbed and unhappy. To overcome them, make sure you are getting enough sunlight and you will experience happiness.

Several studies have been carried out at different weather days and scientists have come with one conclusion, people tend to be more effective, happy and helpful in sunny days than in cold and rainy days. With such information, you should ensure you spend at least a few minutes in the sun on daily basis. To ensure you are getting the best of sunlight without putting your entire health in risk, enjoy the sun in the morning hours and get back indoors when the sun is high and too hot. If you can manage getting 15minutes in the morning sun, then you will have full benefits. It is important to also put your baby in the sun for the same reasons and especially as they are growing up, they need vitamin D in plenty. Maximally utilize this God give free resource to remain happy.

Are you ready to rush outside and embrace the light yet? We’re so glad you returned to see what we can offer on this blog. Consider finding us on Snapchat and Instagram for daily reminders to stay happy. We’ll see you soon right here at Wise Ways To Happiness. 

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