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All About The Blarney : What Makes It Special?

Welcome, namaste and salutations to all our fellow seekers on the path to happiness. Have we been gone too long? We think yes and we also beg your pardons as all of us here at Wise Ways have been on personal journeys that kept us away from computers. We have lots of new insights to share as well as personal stories, history of interesting topics and in general so many gifts of insight to share. Today we will explore a topic that many people have been interested over the years : the Blarney Stone. Can kissing a rock really help you be more persuasive and charismatic? What does this idea say about us all as human beings? Let’s get deep in to the topic now.

What’s the purpose of kissing the Blarney Stone. Ascertaining it’s verity by name alone is not enough as the stone itself is the subject of folklore, legend and mystical story. Many of these tales are surrounded by actual historic evidence and the science of geology. The other set of data you can find is fantastical stories of monarchs and patriarchs gaining their sovereignty by the magics of the stone itself.
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